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Soap Soccer League 2020 is one of the funniest sports competitions to follow this year. Created exclusively for betting purposes, its “matches” take place in a pool with beautiful girls as contestants. If you have never heard about soap football, it’s time to get familiar with it! ... read more

Football in Central and Eastern Europe also has strong clubs one should not underestimate. Apart from Romanian and Ukrainian top teams, Poland is the one that stands out from a crowd. Check the list of the best Polish football clubs ever & nowadays to see how successful and strong their players can be. ... read more

Poland Leaving the EU Bets

Who is going to leave the EU next? This question is amongst the political bets since the Brexit. Poland leaving the EU bets can yield very good.  The Polish governing party is making a new change in the Polis judicial system which is against the Europian law. The Polis supreme court made a statement saying that due to this new probóposal it’s most likely, that Europian institutions will have to intervene if the Polish laws are continuously getting into conflict with the Europian laws, thus on the long term it can lead to Polxit. ... read more