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Do you want to watch how women teams successfully show their performance in Ice hockey? The upcoming Russian Women League which attracts foreign players in recent years is exactly for you. Don’t miss to take advantage of guessing on Agidel (Women) vs Vanke Rays (Women) preview: Will the Chinese team get the championship again? ... read more

A big scandal arose at the beginning of the new Russian Premier League season. As a result, one of the best football clubs in the country can withdraw from further participation in the championship. Check the latest Spartak Moscow predictions to learn what is the future of the top football club in the 2020/21 RPL. ... read more

Another celebrity fight can take place in 2020. At 1xBET Sportsbook, you can bet on Timati v Basta as these two have a long-lasting conflict. Let’s see why two Russian rappers have a grudge against each other and what the odds on the winner are. ... read more

Have you ever tried betting on live TV games? It is the quickest and easiest way to earn some cash from such games as a wheel, poker, or Keno. In particular, the Wheel of Fortune betting guide will explain how to wager on this game to make a profit and what sportsbooks are better to use. ... read more

The 7th edition of the Russian “The Voice Kids” premiered on TV screens on February 14. During the first blind auditions, not only participants were evaluated by judges, but also judges received critical responses from viewers and… bookmakers. You can find them looking through The Voice Kids odds. ... read more

The Russian national football team faced many difficulties on its way to the European championship. The country overcame most of them, but not all its problems have disappeared. Russia Euro 2020 special bets show that it can still skip the competition or lose the right to host matches. ... read more

Scandals in chess are not as rare as you would think. It would never cross my mind that chess can be so aggressive and dirty. However, if you think about it every competitive sport can bring out the worst side of humans. Being afraid of the humiliation after losing a game can lead to stupid decisions. Looking for the fame and the money that comes with the winning can draw out selfishness from anybody. These things are true for Chess aswell. Sure, there are performance-enhancing drugs for chess also. ... read more