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Europe’s favorite singing contest resumes, and now is your best chance to bet on the tiny but talented island, Malta. The Maltese have serious odds for winning this year, and the first semi-finals are fast approaching. See our top suggestions from the contestants and the chances of your favorite country! Odds on the semi-finals 1 at the Eurovision song contest highlight Malta way above anyone else.  ... read more

Dance competitions became super popular across the UK. Looking at our favourite celebrities and professional dancers forming an awesome duo is very entertaining. Of course, there are many dance shows we can bet on these days.  But can you still do it if you are not exactly a dance expert? Yes! In this guide, we collect the best dance competitions to bet on, the process of betting and some suggestions of how to figure out the favourite!  ... read more

Playing DFS is highly strategic. To become successful, players need to master some basic skills in drafting or roster construction. Daily fantasy football is the most popular in DFS and is played by millions. To get better at it, let’s look at some strategies and see our daily fantasy sports draft tips and tricks.  ... read more

After the recent sacking of José Mourinho, bookies were quick to publish their Tottenham next manager predictions and odds. Italian manager Maurizio Sarri opens as a favorite to take over the team. However, the most recent reports indicate otherwise as Tottenham’s chairman has set his goal to sign Leipzig’s current head coach Julian Nagelsmann. Regardless of those rumors, there is no clear favorite yet. Therefore, take this chance to bet on who you think will take it as the odds profit margins are still high. ... read more

As the season is coming to an end, bookies produced interesting Champions League and Europa League prediction odds. You can now bet on the number of English teams that will reach the final in both competitions. This betting option increases your chances of winning as you do not have to bet on a single outright winner. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and bet on who you think will reach the final. ... read more

What are daily fantasy sports? This article provides a simple explanation of all the major factors you should consider if thinking about trying DFS. It is incredibly popular in the UK, due to the fact it’s highly strategical, exciting and entertaining. Would you like to try out a more active type of sports betting? Or looking for an alternative? Find all you need to learn about this kind of sports betting from your Daily Fantasy sports betting guide. ... read more

Glenn McGrath is famous for being the most successful Test bowler to ever grace the pitch. However, he isn’t the fastest green top, pitches offering bounce are heaven for fast bowlers. However, particularly thus, for the following list of bowlers who utilized speed as their essential weapon. Unlike bowlers who utilized a mixture of abilities, such as swing, variation, line, and length, these bowlers threatened their adversaries because of the sheer speed of their deliveries. So what was the fastest ball ever to be bowled? Does any current bowler make it into this rundown? The following is a list of the 7 fastest balls bowled in international cricket. ... read more

The Cricket world cup takes place every 4 years similar to the football world cup. In the list of most-watched world cups, cricket ranks at number 3 just behind football and Tour de France. Interestingly, in the 2019 world cup, 2.6 billion viewers tuned in to watch the most popular cricket event of the year. This goes on to prove that cricket certainly is more popular than most people imagine it to be. The first-ever Cricket world cup dates back to 1975, which is less than 50 years ago. Since then there have been 12 cricket world cup winners. ... read more

Indian Premier League or in short IPL, is a cricket league which originated in India in 2007. In some ways, IPL is more famous than the regular variants of cricket. IPL usually takes place in the spring and early summer seasons of March and May. The league currently consists of 8 teams. These teams represent 8 cities/states in India. The format of IPL is the fast-paced Twenty20, which keeps the games exciting. IPL is hands down the most popular cricket league. Effective broadcasting has been one of the most lucrative ways IPL has spread throughout the globe. With the rising popularity and the compelling need to learn more about IPL, we have prepared a cricket Indian premier league guide for you. ... read more