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Actress, model, and a reality show participant Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. Moreover, after passing the exam she wants to engage in criminal practice. In an interview with the American edition of Vogue magazine, Kardashian said that she has been studying law at a law firm in San Francisco since last year. In 2022, she expects to pass the relevant exam. Not so long ago we started to expect her to become the First Lady after her husband Kanye West announced that he would become the US president. However, today online sportsbooks bet on Kim Kardashian Next Attorney-General.  ... read more

The 2020 Tony Awards betting predictions are out. The long-delayed show has been finally scheduled for December and the committee has announced the nominees. This year, there are fewer musicals competing for the prize than usually – one category even has just one nominee! – so the process of guessing the winners will be easier.  ... read more

Betting slips are among the first things you see when you open any sportsbooks. You might have never noticed, but they are one of the main tools you use at betting sites daily. What is it and how to use bet slips? Here is an ultimate guide. ... read more

Nowadays, online betting has become extremely popular, because it has a lot of advantages. 24/7 access to your favorite platform and a huge variety of events to put your money on is appealing to many gamblers. Nevertheless, betting in the land-based casinos can also have its perks. So let’s try to understand this issue and determine what is better – online vs offline sports betting?  ... read more

Bankroll management in sports betting constitutes an important part of betting on sports that all gamblers should know about. And it’s not only a matter in sports betting, bankroll management in Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. games is also important. Since gambling is all about dealing with money and you have to know how to manage it properly.   ... read more

For every UFO lover, the past week was quite productive. In the US the related viral videos are quite regular. However, in the past days, things went crazy. Countless Tik-Tok and Instagram users captured weird flying objects. Probably the most shocking was the New Jersey UFO. Meanwhile, NASA found life signs on Venus. Should you bet on Aliens to visit planet earth? Day by day it seems more and more likely to meet with other life forms from the Galaxy. But hold your horses for a second and let’s take a closer look at what’s happened exactly in New Jersey and what are the scientific expectations. ... read more