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Good news are on their way for those who live in the Buckeye State, and like to engage in gambling from time to time. The long-awaited legislation on sports betting might be introduced this week already! The Ohio sports betting bill will be presented in front of the Senate during the week. ... read more

Fans were left in shock after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez called their engagement off a few weeks ago. In the last couple of years, they seemed so happy, that one thought it was possible for them to go down this way. Anyhow, what is done is done. And now, odds are already here on who Jennifer Lopez will be engaged to next. ... read more

When it comes to gambling, every state is different in the United States. It is a little bit hard to keep up with the differing rulings in the states, and the ever-changing legislation. However, there is a novelty that you will most probably keep in mind. They are launching mobile sports betting through apps in New York! And they even link it to a special event coming up next year. ... read more

Cody Garbrandt vs Font betting preview and odds show just how close the fight is going to be. Garbrandt is trying to come back to his old form, while Font is looking to secure another top contender win. However, this fight is especially crucial for the career of Garbrandt as he has not won in almost five years, apart from his latest win in June of 2020. So, how does this fight go down? ... read more

Although the main card is not available yet, the 2021 WWE money in the bank predictions are out already. From the latest WrestleMania drama to wrestlers dropping hints, the winner of the next PPV event is still unknown. Check out who are the stars that will most likely win the contract to challenge for the championship. ... read more

The NFL is a billion-dollar business – this is something that everybody knows. However, the National Football League in the US has never had a gambling company as their sponsor, though it could have been beneficial for both sides. Well, this is something that is about to change right now, since NFL is officially signing its first gaming deals! ... read more

The full House of Representatives in the United States will vote on Thursday, 22 April to make the District of Columbia a state. This is the second year in a row for the House to vote on the D.C. statehood bill. Will the bill codified H.R. 51 pass this time? According to the DC statehood betting odds, it will likely not. ... read more

Nevada has a long history with gambling. It was the first state to fully legalize and regulate casinos and it is widely known as a renegade state. However, for the last 26 years, they did not have a new casino in the Reno-Sparks area in Nevada. But this is about to change soon thanks to a project that has been in the making for 14 years. ... read more

Sports betting: it seems to be a phrase that’s meaning is quite clear. But New Jersey’s newest sports betting bill makes you reconsider this statement. The bill says that events like eating contests could be sports events as well! And as such, wagers will be able to place some bets on them! ... read more