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The 2022 Juno Awards betting odds are all favoring Justin Bieber as one of the best Canadian music performers of this year. However, many new faces might take the award from Justin. His single is going to win the Single of the Year award. Therefore, there are two more awards in question that might be taken by other people. Are Justice and Peaches enough for Justin Bieber to take all of the awards? Pretty much doubtful. ... read more

The Phil Mickelson gambling losses are insanely high, and the situation is getting worse because he lost two of his major sponsorships. Because he was voicing his bad opinion about the sponsors of the PGA, and if he keeps on doing things such as this, then his career might be at stake next time. Phil Mickelson is a legendary and great golf player, but he has to reconsider his choices if he wishes to stay in the spot he is right now. ... read more

The 2022 CDL season is underway and on fire. However, the biggest CDL event of the year, the championship weekend, is yet to come sometime in late August. We decided to look into the 2022 CDL championship betting odds and see who are the early favorites. As for now, Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas are the top title contenders. ... read more

Shaquille O’Neal’s sportsbook, Wynn has only been profiting from making the friendly giant their Brand Ambassador for their sportsbook business. Furthermore, Shaquille O’Neal is not just a big man with a big career, but he is also gigantic in marketing studies. Therefore, he is their strategic consultant, which makes their marketing and advertising just perfect. ... read more

The debut of Formula 1 in Miami is just around the corner. Along with the timetable and broadcast details, the most recent 2022 Miami Grand Prix winner odds have been revealed. Check them out right now, although the favorite is pretty obvious. ... read more

The 2022 NBA playoffs continue to be one the most entertaining postseason in recent history. There are no clear finalists or super teams. The first round of the playoffs is behind us now and it gave everyone plenty of excitement and sadness. There are teams plagued by injuries, healthy but inexperienced teams, and teams that thrive in the playoffs. In this article, we’ll talk about the four second-round matchups and the eight remaining teams. You’ll also find the predictions for the 2022 NBA Conference Semifinals for each series under the corresponding subheadings. ... read more

The 2022 NBA playoffs are proving to be highly entertaining and exciting, making sure that the league lives up to its motto, “That’s Game”. Although it could be suited just as much for one of its previous slogans “Where Amazing Happens”. As you might have already guessed from the title, we’ll be focusing on Round 1 of the playoffs in this article. More precisely, on each series with the 16 best teams in the league and who will advance to the second round. These are our 2022 NBA playoffs predictions for Round 1. ... read more

We collected the best DOTA 2 teams in 2022. If you are interested in the most exciting esport betting, then you should try and find a match that includes these names. If you understand the competition of esport teams, then you might realize just how heated this leaderboard cold-war is at the moment. Teams are collecting points to better their starting in big competitions. ... read more

Are you watching the 2022 Winter Olympic games? Well if you don’t know what to do while you are waiting for your favorite players to go, this article is for you! Keep on reading and find out about the most epic Winter Olympic games ever! ... read more