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In case you are someone, who likes to place bets on award ceremonies concerning the showbusiness, we have some good news for you. You still have one chance to go in 2021! See the Emmys predictions on the best series and place your bets while you still have the time! ... read more

For wagers, and for the movie business, of course, it is always exciting to see a new star-studded movie about gambling on the rise. But what if the stars are not only in front of the camera but also behind it? Well, then it is going to be something like the new poker movie directed by not less of a person than Russell Crowe himself! See all the details about the film scrolling down! ... read more

Started watching short track, alpine skiing, and speed skating? Wondering who is the favorite to win medals in figure skating and snowboarding? Our material will help you figure out who can be seen on the podium of the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Here are the 2022 Winter Olympic predictions and the main contenders for medals. ... read more

The first Youth Olympic Games were held in 2010 in Singapore, and the concept of such competitions was presented back in 1998. However, long before that, young athletes performed on equal terms next to adults. Some of them have done this quite successfully. We delved deeper into the history of the Winter Olympics to learn more about these sports geeks. ... read more

Football and hockey betting is mainstream. Indeed, most players choose popular sports disciplines. However, there are also unusual sports that are not so popular but will allow you to feel more excited about winning. The odds here can be higher compared to the options in the line. In this article, we have prepared the list of the most unusual sports for betting in 2021.  ... read more

Many big-time sports stars, musicians, TV presenters, and models earn money not only by their main profession. The main income is brought by: advertising contracts, personalized brands, their own business, and sometimes additional income is nine-figure amounts. Recently, the influential Forbes magazine published an annual rating to bet on the world’s highest-paid celebrities. However, this year celebrities’ revenues have significantly decreased. Anyway, their income will still surprise you! ... read more

Emmy Best Actress Odds – Watch Out for Them!The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards is officially coming up! There are barely two months left before the huge gala event kicks off, so it is high time to start thinking about the bets you are about to make on the event. If you are planning on placing some bets on the best actress odds at the Emmy Awards, here is our help, so you can do it right! ... read more

Lawler vs Diaz betting predictions and odds show that the MMA community has mixed feelings about it. People are divided into two groups with each believing that one fighter will win over the other. This shows how close of a fight this will be. Regardless of that, MMA fans will get to enjoy watching two legends scrapping again inside the UFC octagon. Lawler and Diaz have previously fought in 2004 with the latter winning via TKO in the second round. However, a lot has changed since that day as the two prepare for the rematch. Who do you think will win when those two legends collide? ... read more

Paul Craig vs Alexander Gustafsson betting prediction shows a close fight between the two light heavyweights. This is an anticipated fight as Alexander Gustafsson is making his return to the division. Although the Swedish is a former title challenger and used to be one of the best, he opens as the underdog against his next opponent. Paul Craig is a dangerous fighter and a submission specialist. Therefore, if he is able to takedown Gustafsson and control him on the ground, then it will certainly be an easy win. However, he might get clipped with good shots on the way in. Hence, anything can happen in this fight, and whoever imposes his game plan will most certainly win. ... read more