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It had everything. The thrill of chariots, the power of horses and the possibility of horrific deaths. It’s precisely what we need to cheer up these bleak days of ours. However, anyone seeking to discover how to bet on Roman Chariot races will be disappointed. They don’t really have them anymore. So, if we want to see online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offering this sort of exciting wager once more we’ll need to get it off the ground again, and here’s how to do it. ... read more

With Joe Root away you can bet on Ben Stokes being in the spotlight as his replacement. From the praise heaped upon him you’d think he could do no wrong. Which probably means, as anyone who regularly has a bet on sports in the UK, at sites like bet365, will tell you, he just might. A bet on England at Cricket is, or course, always a risky proposition. With as much propensity to fail as succeed and staring an easy victory in the face, alas a familiar narrative starts to form. ... read more

Most nations have their own unique gambling culture but as the internet inserts itself into every facet of our lives, is that under threat? Will there be a homogeneity to gambling inflicted by the digital revolution, or can we retain some individuality? Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 present an unrivalled convenience, but also bring a uniformity too. Around the world the gaming market is changing and with it the very culture of gambling is also changing. Not always for the better.   ... read more

Everyone has an opinion on gambling. This is probably because everyone always is. Without prognostication as a natural ability we’re doomed to risk on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s why there are so many proverbs and sayings concerning it. Those who regularly bet on sports in the UK on Bet365 and the like will have heard many of them. They crop up frequently and may hide within them the germs of the secrets of gambling success we all seek. So, let’s take a look then. ... read more

Many people think Hoyle Casino represented all the betting in turn of the century games. A well-animated selection of old favorites you could play at home on your PC. However, whilst this was perfect for the purists, those who today bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 and such, the gamers were also gambling. The nearly all of the big titles of the ‘noughties’ had an element of gambling to them. Especially in mini-game form, thus helping so many cheat themselves a fortune.  ... read more

It turns out that while you are being a football fan you are risking a heart attack. While we already wrote many articles about the dangers of sports for athletes. According to the newest studies watching football can be very harmful to you. Not in my case, I can hardly find anything more boring than watching football. However, Oxford University’s latest studies show that football fans are exposed to an extreme amount of stress. While watching your favorite team you can even get a heart attack. Be careful, if you combine it with making some sports bets on your favorite team through online sportsbooks in the UK, the thrill can be fatal. ... read more

She is without doubt one of the finest actors of her generation and has brought pleasure to millions with her roles in The Night Manager, Broadchurch, and The Favourite. Now her future is laid out for you to wager on at sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days. Thus proving that celebrity is as much of a game,per se, as the Tennis at Wimbledon, the football at the Stade du Lyon, or what the Lycra-clad lunatics get up to on the Tour de France. ... read more