With the T20 World Cup figuratively just around the corner everyone wants to impress the selectors. No one wishes to squander an opportunity to catch their eye. So, it’s not surprising that the 2021 T20 Big Bash odds are garnering so much interest. There are numerous Aussie players out to snag a squad slot. Naturally, their ambition produces some fabulous cricket. Indeed the Big Bash tournament is a superb bet on sports in Australia at Bet365 right now. Cricket at it’s best. ... read more

England are off to a shaky start in 2021. Typically, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but this year that’s different. Their tour of Sri Lanka is far from disposable. With the T20 World Cup in India and the Ashes in Australia later on, England need all the practice they can get this year. Those who have kept up with the odds on Cricket in 2021 at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 know this. They also know England face an uphill battle to win either tournament. ... read more

They postponed the Euro 2020 competition until next year. This is entirely sensible given the dire circumstances. However, it would appear online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 aren’t being quite as cautious. You can now find 5/1 odds on England in Euro 2020. That makes them favorites to take the title. This is, of course, barking mad. England? Win a major football tournament? In whose universe? Just why is it bookies think football is coming home, again?  ... read more

The England ODI cricket odds were always going to be short against Ireland. Ireland is not in the top flight of the game. Something it would probably admit quite freely. However, the Tests against the Windies proved games could work, so the white ball had to have a turn. Ireland were just the nearest and available. That means online sportsbook sites in the UK have been offering rather dour prices for what is likely to be a one-way series. It certainly was in the first game.  ... read more

There have been several great athletes in the last decades who joined the world of politics after their sports career. Some of them worked at local level, some of them got even higher and became ministers or senators. They were all famous and loved by thousands of people during their career and though they could use their popularity to get the votes as well. Let’s see who were successful in doing so, the most famous athletes in politics.  ... read more

The beginning of the new decade has once again brought us the season of the T20 World Cup. T20 being the most thrilling version of cricket is certainly everyone is talking about. The tournament takes place every 2 years, however this time around, the tournament is coming back after 4 years; making it as special as the ICC World Cup itself. The Big Dance will take place in Australia starting from October 2020. T20 World Cup odds are always unpredictable which makes betting all the more fun. ... read more

The T20 World Cup betting odds on Australia could be a mite optimistic. There’s a long way to go until they trot out in Melbourne in October. Online sportsbook sites in Australia like Unibet give them 3/1 right now. This is likely to galvanize already focused minds as players and selectors become obsessed with success in the tournament. Test cricket already seemed on the back foot. Now it’ll have to take a backseat to the short form of the game till the Autumn. ... read more

Khan vs Goyat is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on July 12th. Tensions have been soaring between the two boxers, with Khan vowing to avenge Pakistan in his fight with Goyat. Let us get ready to bet on Amir Khan vs Neeraj Goyat. ... read more