Do you want to play cricket outside the field to get a new experience or fill the gap when there are no competitions? If the answer is yes in any case, check the best cricket game for PC to play in 2020. There are a lot of cricket games available to play on computers, so let’s see what picks are the most popular among fans. ... read more

It is undeniable there has been a revolution in the gambling industry over the course of the last decade. So the grim betting shops of yesteryear are gone, the vast majority of gambling in the 21st century moving online. The internet has brought a plethora of online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 allowing a global reach. It is this wider range of opportunities combined with increased access that will continue the revolution. The present day just the start of a new golden age for gaming. ... read more

2019 brought something new to the video-game market. The world of competitive online PC games is focusing on a new play-mode. They named it as auto-chess or auto-battler. They are very simple, they only include solo (or sometimes duo) queues. To win, you will need a mixture of strategy and luck. If you are into eSport gambling, you should prepare for that in 2020 you will mostly bet on auto chess. ... read more