Pep Guardiola

There have been several great managers working in the Premier League since its foundation in 1993. Many think it’s the best football league in the world, with top teams, star players and fantastic level of football. No wonder most of the greatest managers have spent shorter or longer periods working here, let’s see the best managers of the Premier League.  ... read more

Without a doubt, Josep Pep Guardiola is recognized as one of the greatest and most proficient managers to even graced a football pitch. His many trophies and awards speak for themselves. Now in his 13th year as a football manager, many are asking what could come next for him? Looking through all the available options, there are three with real possibility. Let’s have a look… ... read more

Even though Barcelona’s current manager, Quique Setien has only been in his position since this January, rumors have already started of his possible sacking. The team is not doing so great under his management and lost 3 games out of 12. So bet on Barcelona’s new manager, we show you the favorites. ... read more

Following UEFA’s two-year ban from European football, Manchester City are facing big question marks. One of them is the fate of their head coach Pep Guardiola. Will he stay or leave this summer? Bookmakers have their say, rising the value of Pep Guardiola to leave Man City odds. ... read more

Football fans have high hopes for Manchester City after the brilliant win against Real Madrid. Manchester City UCL winning odds have been favoring the City throughout the season. But, now it is more legitimate to predict that it will likely happen more than ever. ... read more

UEFA has banned Manchester City from European tournaments for two years. The English club is going to appeal, but does it have any chances to be back to the Champions League? Man City CAS appeal odds reveal the truth. ... read more

As everyone must have heard, Manchester City has been banned from European football competitions for two years after breaking financial fair play regulations. The club has appealed against the decision, but if it stays, several key players can leave the club, including Sterling. In the Raheem Sterling’s next club bets Real Madrid has the smallest odds, but the names of a few other major clubs are also mentioned. ... read more

They are the best and most successful managers in football, but they can’t stand each other on and off the field. Normally it’s just verbal insults that they throw at each other, but in the worst cases, they can get physical. At the same time though most of these relationships are based on respect for the other, even though they are examples of the biggest manager rivalries in football. ... read more

Manchester City have been found to be playing fast and loose with their financial disclosures. As reported in the Guardian newspaper, almost £60m has been added to the clubs losses. This was by the Uefa’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) and comes as a result of new finding in relation to the club’s funding. ... read more