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If you want to try out a crazy mix of chance & strategy planning, play Five Dice Poker. A combination of dice and card games is out at online casinos in 2021. In our guide, we will explain where and how to play Five Dice Poker for real cash. ... read more

Practice makes perfect and gambling is not an exception. The shutdown of casinos is not a reason to lose your touch in poker. Although it is impossible to compete with pros in gambling rooms or play with friends in the kitchen, there are still many ways to train. Do you want to know how to improve poker skills from home? ... read more

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A person who treats any card game as an easy way to kill time will say that poker is not a sport. However, anyone who has learned to play this game will think before reaching a verdict. And a good poker player without a shadow of doubt will argue that this is a real sport. Moreover, it is not inferior to its complexity and intellectuality to chess. So is poker a sport? Let’s figure it out. ... read more

The fugitive PokerStars founder surrendered to US authorities this week.  Isai Scheinberg, the founder of the online casino, PokerStars is finally in federal custody after nine years on the lamb. He is charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling after being indited by the US Department of Justice. ... read more