playing slots

Online slot tournament is a great way to make the traditional slots game more interactive. If you are a slot enthusiast and you want to learn more about how to win at slot tournaments, you are in the right place. Of course, an element of luck still plays a huge role in this kind of contest. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to increase the odds.  ... read more

A casino is a business. It employs a lot of people, pays their mortgages and puts their kids through school. So it needs to turn a profit. And that’s where you, dear gambler, come into this story. For without you, there would be no casinos to play in. So give yourself a pat on the back. But exactly how do they go about making a profit from you? Let’s have a look. Prepare yourself for some casino math. ... read more

Here’s a story to make your elbow itch. A woman playing at a slot machine scored the life-changing win of $8.5 million. Think of how ecstatic she must of felt. All the changes she could make in her life and those around her. The new house in the burbs and an even bigger pick-up truck. Exotic holidays with gin Martini’s (WTF are those, she must be think) on the beach….err…hold up! The casino says it had a slot machine malfunction. At that exact moment! Too funny if the whole saga wasn’t so sad. Still no emotion without contrast. And she must of experienced the whole spectrum of them. Only in America can you be unhappy about what you never had. ... read more