Texas Hold’em might be the most popular poker game but there are several other different variations played all around the world. One of them is six-plus hold’em, aka short deck poker where cards under 6 have been removed. If you’d like to try out this game, just read our summary below with the most important short deck poker rules explained.  ... read more

There are many useful skills to improve at poker. Therefore, if you learn at least one of these seven skills, then you will become more successful. Furthermore, these skills will help you eat more than one territory of life. This is why you should take this opportunity and develop at least one of these skills. And even if you can not understand how to use it in poker. You will still live the rest of your life with an extremely valuable skill. ... read more

You might not be familiar with the phrase Teen Patti even if you’re an experienced gambler. It is actually a name of an Indian poker game, which is very popular in Southeast Asia. Thanks to online gambling sites you can also play this game anywhere in the world. You can read all to know about Teen Patti in our summary below, which has all the necessary information if you’d like to play this game.  ... read more

Brian Rast is an American professional poker player from Las Vegas. Not only is he one of two players to have won the $50,000 Poker Players Championship twice, but also the winner of five World Series of Poker bracelets. In this exclusive interview, we talked to Brian hoping to learn more about the passion, aims, and even regrets of poker stars. Could we do it? Read the following interview to find it out yourself! ... read more

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Gambling is usually great fun whether you play in a brick-and-mortar or in an online casino. But there can be things that can worsen the mood and even irritate some players. Like talking about a game you’re not involved in or just being a bad loser. But leaving your opponent to wait for your next move for hours is also irritating. So if you want to be a good gambler, try to avoid the most annoying gambling habits listed below.  ... read more

Social media is popular among poker players as well who often use it to express their views about all kinds of matters. So fans can get to know them better and discover things they haven’t known about their favorites. Some of the best poker players of all time also have their own accounts with lots of useful tips and insides about the sport. Let’s read about the best poker players to follow on Twitter below.  ... read more

Gambling is available now in all parts of the world from the furthest resorts to the air. So it’s not surprising that we can also find casinos on the water thanks to the huge cruise ships. The best casino cruise ships offer the full experience with all kinds of gambling games from poker to slots. They even offer lessons for beginners and tournaments for the more experienced players. Let’s take a look at the most popular ships with gambling options.  ... read more

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Gambling has been the main theme of several films, music videos, and books but it can also appear in popular video games. Like GTA where players can often find themselves in a casino, playing a card game. While some games have even created their own gambling game. Let’s take a look at the best video games featuring gambling.  ... read more