Without a doubt, the race to occupy London mayoral position will be a tough one this time around. Many candidates have put their best foot forward, however, Labour’s Sadiq Khan currently leads the competition. This time, current elected mayor Sadiq Khan has the best 2021 London Mayoral Election betting odds to serve another term.  ... read more

Four years ago, Britain decided to leave the EU for the first time in its history. Poland can follow its steps in the upcoming years. “Polexit” is close to becoming reality like never before for a number of reasons. Check why one should bet on Poland to leave the EU in 2021 or 2022. ... read more

Politics betting is the second-most-popular option at online sportsbooks. Surpassed by sports betting itself, odds on various political events attract punters due to their real-life importance and more or less clear winning probability. Let’s see how to bet on election and politics in general to win money. ... read more

The latest 2020 Rio Mayor election winner predictions are out. This November, Brazilians from the capital city will choose their new head and city councilors. According to bookmakers, Paes and Rocha lead the odds, but who will win? ... read more

As stated in the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, every parliamentary session lasts five years only. However, there is a possibility of an early election to be called in case the two-thirds of the House vote for it. A similar case happened in 2017, when Theresa May called for an early election. So, because of the FTPA terms, the next general election has to take place on May 2, 2024. Though, the next general election year odds for 2024 have the highest probability, there is also a chance of an early election. So, according to 10Bet Sportsbook, we may wait for the next general election after 2021. The odds for the years 2020 and 2021 are lowest; 26.00 and 11.00, respectively. The next general election will most probably take place in 2024 or even later (1.54). However, there is a high possibility of an early election, namely in 2023 (3.75).  Every election brings a lot of changes to the country, therefore, even the year of the general election matters a lot. Gamblers keep constantly placing their bets on all the possible events in the UK. Bet on the Tories in the UK, for instance, was among one of the most discussed bets in 2019.   ... read more

Norway is established on a multi-party system. This means that with the several parties co-existing, there will be no chance for a party to gain dominant power of the others. Parties are required to work well together to form an appropriately working government. Elections occur every two years, switching between the parliamentary elections and local elections. With the last local elections happening in 2019, the next Parliamentary elections will happen in September 2021. With the Labour party winning the most seats in the last parliamentary elections, the 2021 Norwegian General Election Odds still favor them to win most seats again! ... read more

The history of gambling stems from the very earliest predictions by the village shaman. Fortunately, today, we have far more options than merely the weather forecast of a medicine man. The internet means that a bet on sports in the UK, or anywhere else, is now as simple as logging on to Bet365. Between these two ends of the historical spectrum, however, there have been some other notable golden ages of gambling. So let’s take a stroll through these eras of history.   ... read more

The United Kingdom has always been rich in talented people. Many outstanding scientists, athletes, musicians, and actors were born in this beautiful country and made its name synonymous with the word “quality”. So why don’t you bet on Briton to win Nobel Prize, Oscar or any other award in 2020 or 2021? ... read more