Not all casino games are equally popular among visitors. Some of them experience such a big decrease in popularity that keeping them in casinos can be at a loss. Check the list of gambling games that will disappear in the foreseeable future and hurry up to play them now. ... read more

Gambling during the wars was commonplace despite the military authorities frowning upon it. Those caught faced punishment and yet most did so regardless. From the dice games of the British army to the German front line card games gambling during the wars was endemic. An influx of troops saw foreign armies bring their games with them introduce new ways to win and lose. Even the military itself was responsible for allowing privates to bet on sports in Belgium during the war.  ... read more

If you are tired of playing classic cards like poker, switch to the other games. For example, you can try pontoon, which is a British version of a well-known game twenty-one. Our guide on how and where to play pontoon card games will help you to find a way around all tricks of this popular blackjack counterpart. ... read more