President Trump

President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall faces legal challenges as expected. Several lawsuits will quikly work their way to the US Supreme Court, and then it could go either way. You can bet on the National Emergency to be blocked or to be ruled in favour. We think it will likely be blocked. ... read more

Gillette has released new Ad campaign sparking a lot of controversy and some novelty odds for 2019. For example, you can now bet on Gillette’s new Ad to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Also, you can bet on Trump to tweet about Gillette, or on Piers Morgan to appear in one of Gillette’s next ads. ... read more

President Trump forced Jeff Sessions to resign after the midterms and named his loyalist Mathew Whitaker, as acting attorney general. Whitaker might fire Mueller if the special counsel goes after Trump’s kids. You can bet on that and you can bet on Muller’s Russia investigation to close before the end of this year. ... read more

With less than two months ahead of the US Midterm Elections, Democrats hope to flip the seats in the House and Senate, and to start having a strong voice regarding to President Trump’s political agenda. We look at the polls and the turnouts of past midterm elections to inform your options when betting on US Midterms 2018. ... read more