Price gouging

A quick look at the price of facemasks online will tell you crisis capitalism is with us once again. Ever-present in times of trouble, this perennial predilection will see people attempt to profit from the suffering of others. This is, however, nothing new. Indeed price hikes have staked out the boundaries of capitalism for centuries. So, as one queues for toilet paper, we can all take heart that we’ve been here before. Been here before and survived to tell the tale.    ... read more

Inevitably, some people have sought to profit from the current crisis. This has upset people despite it being an obvious and foreseeable extension of the system they’ll merrily defend the rest of the time. Indeed, even in placid times, those who seek to make profits of suffering are roundly condemned. Unless, of course, they’re making weapons. Apparently. The hypocrisy is manifest and yet is perpetual. We approve of capitalism to a point, one that we’ve never actually defined.  ... read more