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The British Monarchy is almost ancient dating back to 827. With such a historic background comes high responsibility for each successor towards the Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the current and longest-reigning sovereign in history after her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The world now awaits to see who will wear the crown next. The line of succession is a long one considering the family lineage. However, the ones at the top are most likely to succeed the Queen. Next reigning monarch odds offer a take on who will next rule the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. ... read more

If Netflix had to make a list of tv shows it is most proud of, The Crown would definitely make the cut. Since it’s debut in 2016, the series about the Royals have gripped the world with excitement. Surprisingly the fan base is also present in the Buckingham Palace itself. Reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth II herself enjoys the show and speaks fondly of it. With such fame, The Crown takes the lead in any and all shows or documentaries regarding the Royal family. Furthermore, The Crown special bets certainly suggest the spotlight the show owns. ... read more

In recent years, the British royal family has been under the spotlight more often than any reality show contestant. Nothing is flattering about that, considering all the scandals and controversies surrounding the monarchy. Wrapping up the second annus horribilis for the Windsors, the bookmakers came up with 2020 royal family special bets. So what to expect from the British monarchy next year? ... read more