professional poker

As attractive as it sounds, being a professional gambler is not that easy. Hitting the casino and playing one or two rounds of blackjack when you want to feel the thrill is much different than earning your living by playing the games. However, there is no shortage of people who try to seek a career in professional gambling. One of the first questions they encounter is that what game should they specialize in? So here are some of the most common casino games that professional gamblers play. ... read more

Would you like to know how to be a professional gambler and earn money playing casino games? A three-phase introduction to the professional gambling world will help you to learn the basics about playing on an advanced level and turning a hobby into a successful career. ... read more

A person who treats any card game as an easy way to kill time will say that poker is not a sport. However, anyone who has learned to play this game will think before reaching a verdict. And a good poker player without a shadow of doubt will argue that this is a real sport. Moreover, it is not inferior to its complexity and intellectuality to chess. So is poker a sport? Let’s figure it out. ... read more