Quentin Tarantino

It sounds like the beginning of a joke. A man walks into a casino and then walks out with $15,000 in winnings. Hails a taxi. Talks about his good fortune whilst sitting in the back and promptly gets robbed. Some people really like to live the life as if it were a Quinton Tarantino movie. ... read more

Washington DC is, the old joke says, just Hollywood for ugly people. Given some of the theatrics in the Senate recently, that’s easily believed. Naturally, a bet on Donald Trump being impeached is a little silly. Unfortunately, so are lots of the 2020 Oscars betting odds. Online betting sites in the US like Bovada barely offer any opportunity so short priced at the favorites. What should be a close contest already looks like a foregone conclusion. Much like the impeachment trial alas. ... read more

A bet on 1917 to win Best Picture at the Oscars might have looked appealing. It had all the right ingredients. It’s a big sweeping spectacular of epic proportions. If you usually bet on sports in the US it would look a dead cert. But Once Upon A Time In Hollywood spoiled all that. The bookies like Bovada now give Quentin Tarantino’s mediocre pandering the best odds. This leaves 1917 facing a slaughter in the Best Picture odds and makes it a terrible bet on the Oscars. ... read more

The Academy race for Best Actor this year is very competitive. With Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, Adam Driver in Marriage Story, Robert De Niro in this years Oscars favorite The Irishman and finally Leonardo DiCaprio in One Upon a Time in Hollywood. Will Leo DiCaprio be able to get an Oscar second time around? Let’s take a look at Leonardo DiCaprio 2nd Oscar odds. ... read more