The bookies are suggesting President Joe Biden’s approval rating odds will likely remain positive in the upcoming weeks. They will stand at around 53 to 54 percent. Although that does not seem to be very high, it is higher than his predecessor’s approval rating. ... read more

2020 Senate election odds are very close, with the race at a dead heat before the US voters head to the polls a few months later. Republicans have been holding the lead for the entire 2019 and they are still holding it as for now. But, the margin is rapidly narrowing down in Democrats’ favor. ... read more

Four key swing states will likely be at the heart of the 2020 US Presidential election. They are Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to 2020 swing states odds, Democrats are slightly the favorites as for now. It is probably due to Joe Biden’s holding the edge at most individual state polls. ... read more

The Odds Trump is Impeached

The odds that President Donald Trump will suffer impeachment in the House hit all-time highs on popular betting websites. This comes as the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry uncovers yet more new and disturbing details on the Ukraine scandal. ... read more

Online bookies like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States at present, are offering midterm Democrat odds of the sort that should give Republican operatives across the whole nation a severe case of the jitters. Two years into the presidency of Donald Trump and the party of Ronald Reagan finds itself on the back foot but are we really going to see such a massive swing back against them in November or will they retain a grip on the reins of power? ... read more