retirement predictions

The upcoming year seems to bring along big changes as many sportsmen and managers are believed to quit. Messi, Rooney, Steve Clarke, and Vince McMahon are first in the line to finish their careers. So, which athletes will retire in 2021? ... read more

Serena Williams suffered two years of serious setbacks, following the birth of her daughter. Such an unprecedented situation led the sports critics to believe the WTA legend is on her way to bow out of tennis. Triggered by the buzz, the bookmakers started accepting a bet on Serena Williams to retire as early as next season. How accurate are those predictions? ... read more

Maria Sharapova has been out of action for long stretches in 2019. Her lingering injuries, lack of consistency and 2020 schedule sparked suspicions over her career. Some bookmakers even take bets on when Sharapova will retire, and their predictions don’t seem any reassuring. ... read more