The heat will be horrid. The emptiness of the dunes hypnotic. The shifting sands a nightmare to traverse in a car. However, if there’s one thing annoying Fernando Alonso right now it’s the Dakar 2020 odds on Carlos Sainz. Those who regularly take advantage of Saudi Arabian gambling laws to bet on F1 will understand why. It might be his first entry in this prestigious event but that won’t stop Alonso wanting to win. Just a shame then his chances fall very short. ... read more

This year, the Grand Chess Tour has expanded with the Superbet Rapid & Blitz in Bucharest among their new installments. Currently, Levon Aronian is the player to bet on Grand Chess Tour Bucharest 2019. However, with qualifications for the GCT Final in London at stake, all players will be giving it their all. ... read more