They voted for Brexit and now they’ve got it. The British are now experiencing the ramifications of their historic decision to leave the European Union. So, whilst online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offer odds on who’ll take the leap next, it’s unlikely there will be many takers. Obviously, you can just bet on the EU to make it as painful as possible for the UK. They want to set an example, and to judge by the prices on offer at the bookies, it’s probably working. ... read more

Where better to look for a god of gambling but among religions that actually had one? Our search for the perfect deity to assist us in the odd flutter then hovers over the ancient world. So perhaps, when we hit up online sportsbook sites in Italy like Bet365, we should look to Rome, Greece, and Egypt. These great powers of antiquity in the Mediterranean had different gods for different things, and maybe specialization is the key. We examine a selection of these infamous immortals. ... read more

The history of gambling stems from the very earliest predictions by the village shaman. Fortunately, today, we have far more options than merely the weather forecast of a medicine man. The internet means that a bet on sports in the UK, or anywhere else, is now as simple as logging on to Bet365. Between these two ends of the historical spectrum, however, there have been some other notable golden ages of gambling. So let’s take a stroll through these eras of history.   ... read more

Many of the sweeping epics of cinema have been set in the ancient world. From the burning of Rome in Quo Vadis to the battles of El Cid, the era has fascinated filmmakers. Frequently these massive movies contain more than a little sword and sandals gambling, the ancient world not so different from our own. Through cinema modern online betting sites in Italy like Unibet can trace their origins back to the ancient world. So let’s take a look at some examples of this trait.  ... read more

Italy and Greece will once again meet for their second Group J encounter, this time in Rome. On one hand, Greece’s Euro 2020 hopes recently came to end. However, they’ll be hoping to avoid another heavy defeat to Italy. Contrary to Greece, Italy will be looking to salvage a win to book their spot into the Euro 2020 tournament. Consequently, our Italy vs Greece betting predictions foresees a win for Italy on home ground. ... read more

Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in France these days, must be experiencing the same surprise as the rest of us. Trying to fathom just how to price the 2019 Formula E odds on Sam Bird and the rest of the grid in a season that has so far produced seven different winners from seven different teams in the seven races run so far must be quite the challenge. As is picking who you think will win a championship when the top 6 drivers are within 10 points of each other. ... read more