Today there are few aircraft more famous than the US President’s plane. However, the origins of Air Force one are far more humble than today’s converted Boeing made behemoths. In the days when air travel was more risky, and less necessary, the President simply hired aircraft. The first President to fly whilst in office was Roosevelt, travelling to the Casablanca Conference during the war. That was in a commercial aircraft. Two years later at Yalta he had his own aircraft. ... read more

Today Air Force One is an icon of the skies. A flying embassy with the comfort of a five-star hotel and the communications systems of an NSA bunker. Providing the President with a safe haven and smooth transport, however, is not an evolution halted at a converted 747. Future developments of the concept will see the development of a Space Force One in due course. So we take a look at the concept of Air Force One and how it will transform into the presidential transport of the 21st century. ... read more