What are the highest RTP slots in 2020? Check the list of top-10 most profitable slot games to play and try them now! With a variety of themes – from sea adventures to fruit machines – and a minimum 97% RTP rate, no one will be disappointed. ... read more

If you have ever been interested in the work of online slots or studied information about a particular slot machine before the game itself, you may have come across the abbreviation RTP. The letters denoting the Return To Player. In a nutshell, this tells us how big the payout percentage is in the game. In this article, we’ll talk more about RTP in online casinos. What is it like? How is it calculated and why should these three letters bother you at all? Let’s find it out. ... read more

For quite a while now these twin “V”‘s, Variance and Volatility, have been the buzz-words around the casino going public. But what on earth do they mean? And how do they effect my casino games? Well, we’ll take a look into these two terms. ... read more

Slot machine payback percentages aren’t necessarily fixed. They may actually vary for state to state and from location to location. But the house edge, or the amount the casino makes off of each bet is already pre-programmed into each slots machine. So, though the house edge may vary between locations, it’s always the same in the actual machine. ... read more

A casino is a business. It employs a lot of people, pays their mortgages and puts their kids through school. So it needs to turn a profit. And that’s where you, dear gambler, come into this story. For without you, there would be no casinos to play in. So give yourself a pat on the back. But exactly how do they go about making a profit from you? Let’s have a look. Prepare yourself for some casino math. ... read more

What are PRNGs?

So what are PRNGs? Well, let’s start at the beginning. You’ve found an online casino where you want to spend both money and time. You’ve logged in and everything is looking peachy. Yet there’s this nagging voice that’s telling you the games are all rigged in favor of the online casino. That you have no chance of winning and are simply being played as a sucker. To put your mind at rest, that’s where PRNGs come into play. ... read more