Various methods of cheating, robbery attempts, and fraudulent schemes in casinos have long been one of the most popular topics for various films and books. Some heroes of these stories inspire admiration while you feel nothing but sympathy for others. All in all, one thing is invariable – this topic leaves no one indifferent. The most curious fact is that all the characters in films and books have their prototypes in real life. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the most famous stories of how scammers play roulette in casinos.  ... read more

There are some ways to beat the lottery or horse racing but both need investments. Horse ringing is one of the riskiest ways. This is not a lovely story if you are an animal rights activist. However, we can add to the story that at the time they used ropes to trip horses on movies so the western scenes are more real. Today through online sportsbooks in the US, you have many options to make bets on any sports particularly. There is horse racing amongst others as well. ... read more

Back in the days in 1891 Monte-Carlo, every roulette table had a cash reserve of 100.000 francs. Once somebody won so much money that the table couldn’t pay, it was announced that the winner broke the bank and the table was closed until they brought extra founds. Charles Wells broke the bank and won 1 million francs with his flawless roulette strategy. He was not just breaking the bank of the casino, he even broke his own bank once. ... read more