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Most of us like to buy scratch cards and hope to win instantly with some matching numbers/figures. Now thanks to online gambling sites, we can all get them online without the hassle of queuing up at the lotteries. In our guide below you can read about how to play online scratch cards. And we also show you the most popular variations and tips to be more successful when you’re playing with them.  ... read more

Scratchies belong to the most popular types of gambling. They are easy and fast to play, so most online casinos offer them nowadays. Take a look at the best scratch cards to buy in 2021 – their variety is quite diverse! ... read more

The British government may have to do something about the lottery loophole. Typically, the law prohibits under 18s from gambling in the UK. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to lotteries. So UK lottery laws permit over 16s to purchase tickets and participate. This is something MPs and Lords would like to halt. So the operational terms of service for sites like Lotto Agent would change. Indeed if MPs have their way, even the best lottery jackpots will be reserved for adults only. ... read more

Playing scratch cards is a fun and quick way to win money. In the world where the lottery is the most popular game of chance, best scratch-off games stand out. Let’s see what scratch cards are the most beneficial in terms of winning and where to buy them. ... read more

As one of the most popular gambling games in the world, bingo does not have one particular way to play it. There are several types of bingo cards that allow you to choose the game fitting your demands and budget the most. Here you have the pros and cons of the major bingo tickets explained.  ... read more

Have you ever seen people gathering around lottery shops and actively buying lottery cards to try their luck? Well, most probably you did. But right now, the internet offers you more gambling possibilities than you might expect. So, today you can also buy lottery scratch cards online and earn money on it.  But gambling can also be done wisely. We will share some tips and information you need to know before you start buying lottery cards.  ... read more

Thanks to the technological developments we’ve been having in the last decade, almost everything that you like to do, you can do it without leaving your house. Gambling and lotteries haven’t been left out of this revolution too. With the hard work and dedication of online gambling sites in the UK, you can now play your favorite lottery games from home. Instead of that trip to the gas station, all you have to do now is to buy lotto scratch cards online. ... read more

Instant winnings and thrills from the scratch cards have been attracting players for many years. Moreover, some companies still use this type of gambling as an effective fundraising tool. In the 21st century, casino software developers have created several innovative products in this category. Thus, today scratch cards are also available online. However, what are their rules on the network? In this article, we have decided to explain how to win on scratch cards online.  ... read more