Sergio Ramos

After Sergio Ramos scored his 100th goal for Real Madrid, we thought about making a list of the highest scoring defenders of all time. The following footballers were not only great in defense but also successful in front of the goal. We can find great legends and less known footballers as well in the top scorers.  ... read more

Rivalry in football always leads both to bad blood among fans and negative attitudes towards certain players. However, these football stars exceeded all expectations by getting enemies from almost every fanbase for their playing style, on-field behavior or public image. Here are the top-5 most hated football players in the world nowadays. ... read more

Getting the yellow card isn’t a big deal in football, but when players are red carded, this goes beyond the joke. Since nobody is perfect, it is ok to receive one or two bans during the whole career. But these 10 sportsmen managed to get dozens of red cards, that is why they are called the dirtiest football players today. ... read more

In recent years, we could see several footballers who were not only concentrating on football, but also on following the latest fashion trends. If you check their clothes, their hairstyle or their designer watches, they are all very stylish and cost a fortune. We’ve collected the most stylish footballers who can make their own trend with millions of fans following them.  ... read more

Spanish National team is leading Group F statistics with 20 points and is exhibiting exceptional form in recent matches. Malta is lagging rather far behind with 3 points and at the bottom of the group. Previously, the match between the two football teams came to an end in favor of Spain, with a score of 2-0. The odds for both teams certainly fit the precedent set back in March. Let us take a look at Spain vs Malta qualifier tips. ... read more

It might take you a moment or two to place the competition but once you’ve grasped the flapping end of historical thread that leads us here you should probably just head off to Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK these days, and bet on Liverpool to win the UEFA Super Cup. They might be beaten and bruised after their “friendly” encounter with Seville, but against Chelsea, a side unlikely to resort to the disgusting behavior we saw at Fenway Park? They’ll win. ... read more

The draw for the group stages of the Champions League went ahead this week and lined up some great matches between some of the best teams in the world this autumn/winter but if you’re a fan of the English Premier League who do the bookies expect to win and just which British team should you back at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days, to win this time round? We take a look at all the Champions League odds as they stand and see what’s on the horizon. ... read more