Getting close to the beginning of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, fans and experts concentrate more and more on the members of the Olympic teams. Some of them will compete at the Games for the first time, while others have already taken part in it before. But only a few athletes have managed to compete in several Olympics, let’s see the athletes with the most Olympic appearances. ... read more

The oldest living Olympic champion, Agnes Keleti celebrated her 100th birthday last weekend. The fantastic gymnast won five Olympic gold medals in the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games and worked in the sport for several decades. We collected other athletes with similar records and made a list of the oldest living Olympic champions, let’s see them below.  ... read more

Here you’ll learn about Trap shooting techniques and betting skills. Trap shooting is one form of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The others are skeet and sporting clays. In trap shooting, the targets are normally launched by a machine and are traveling away from the shooter. It’s practiced all over the world and even has a place in the Olympic games. ... read more

Thanks to the ever-improving health system, new vitamins and training systems, professional athletes are able to extend their sporting careers. It has become a normal thing to see an athlete in his/her 30s, 40s competing in major competitions. From athletics to football, athletes are pushing their retirement dates further but the oldest Olympians in the world are coming from a much earlier era. ... read more