slot machines

You can easily find the most popular casino games in live and online casinos in the US. Both casinos offer a great variety of games to play – from the easiest beginner games to the most complex ones. But some online casinos offer even a broader choice. Therefore, at online casinos, gamblers can find the games suitable for any taste. ... read more

With more and more slots coming out every day, there should have been an infinite number of slot machine symbols today. However, have you ever noticed that some symbols haven’t changed much? Liberty Bell, Horse Shoe, fruits, and cards – all of these symbols have a long history behind them.  ... read more

Do you know that you can win some money right before your flight? Nowadays, some airports have special gambling zones, where you can try your luck in slots, bet on roulette, and play card games. Check the list of the best airport casinos in the world and don’t miss the chance to visit them during your next trip. ... read more

Slot machines are among casino games with the broadest choice for gamblers. Besides cliches like adventurous Egyptian and classic fruit themes, there are a series of weirdest slot games you couldn’t even think of. Learn what slot themes are beyond imagination and try them if you want. ... read more

A casino is a business. It employs a lot of people, pays their mortgages and puts their kids through school. So it needs to turn a profit. And that’s where you, dear gambler, come into this story. For without you, there would be no casinos to play in. So give yourself a pat on the back. But exactly how do they go about making a profit from you? Let’s have a look. Prepare yourself for some casino math. ... read more

Here’s a story to make your elbow itch. A woman playing at a slot machine scored the life-changing win of $8.5 million. Think of how ecstatic she must of felt. All the changes she could make in her life and those around her. The new house in the burbs and an even bigger pick-up truck. Exotic holidays with gin Martini’s (WTF are those, she must be think) on the beach….err…hold up! The casino says it had a slot machine malfunction. At that exact moment! Too funny if the whole saga wasn’t so sad. Still no emotion without contrast. And she must of experienced the whole spectrum of them. Only in America can you be unhappy about what you never had. ... read more

Well, that didn’t end too well. The Russian media has been buzzing with the story of a Russian politician’s illegal casino in his apartment. Unfortunately, after the discovery, he was then thrown out of the political party he was affiliated with. ... read more

Although the prototype of the slot machine was invented in the 19th century, the modern version of the game started to gain popularity only in the 50s. According to online gambling sites in the USA, slots still remain one of the most popular games both online and in reality. Today, we are going to reveal 7 ways of how to manipulate the slot machine in real-life, from the easiest to the hardest ones. ... read more

Online Slots Strategy

The very idea that there could possibly be some sort of strategy involved in the playing of slots, let alone online slots, appears to be totally bonkers. But, if you put some time and effort into finding a game play style that suits you, along with taking note of the payouts, then you might surprise yourself at your chances of turning a profit. Along with having a great time. ... read more