Social Democrats

Austria is heading for a snap election likely in September, after former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was ousted in May 27. Three candidates will compete, including the former chancellor Kurz, Norbert Hofer, and Pamela Rendi-Wagner. We recommend betting on the next Austrian Chancellor to be Pamela Rendi-Wagner. She is running as underdog for the opposition Social Democrats. ... read more

The Finnish Parliamentary election is set to take place on 17 April 2019. We analyze top 5 parties to compete for the most seats. When you bet on the Finnish Parliamentary election, think of bookies’ top two favourites the SDP and the NCP. ... read more

Bookmakers offer four interesting bets on Danish politics in 2019. Three of them deserve to be on your betting list for sure. First, Margrethe Vestager to be the new Commission President. Also, Mette Frederiksen to become the new Danish PM, and her Social Democratic party to remain the largest party in the parliament. ... read more