Song of the Year

2021 Grammys winner predictions about the Song Of The Year nomination are finally out. Eight hit singles, including Talyor Swift and Dua Lipa’s songs, compete for one of the Big Four Grammy prizes. Who has the best chances to win the award? ... read more

Billie Eilish is the voice of the new Pop era and is increasingly on a steep rise to fame because of her exceptional talent. The music industry currently is overly experimental with multiple artists exploring the genres to their depths. Be it pop, rap, or plain old indie music, artists from all around the globe are producing songs which are ranking high on the Billboard charts. Billie Eilish is among the upcoming stars who have rightfully swept every one of their feet with fantastic tunes. With her recent album, ‘When we fall asleep, where do we go?’, Billie is among the nominee’s list for the upcoming 2020 Grammy’s Awards. ... read more

Last year was a huge success for Lady Gaga and her breakthrough in the film A Star Is Born. The pop icon won a lot of awards for her hit song Shallow, including Grammy and Oscars. This year, you can bet on Lady Gaga to keep on collecting prizes for her performance in the movie. Or maybe for her 6th album? ... read more