New consoles are coming to town. They will release the new PS and Xbox this year and everyone is buzzing around the topic. It’s have been a serious rivalry between Sony and Microsoft since the very beginnings. Let’s make the biggest contest of the video game market even more exciting. Now, you can bet on that PS5 or Xbox Scarlett will make more sales in the UK in the first month after their release. PS5 News is very promising, so, in the battle of next-gen consoles, PlayStation seems to be the shoo-in. ... read more

Spider-man has been previously snapped out of existence by Thanos. Luckily for him, Tony Stark did not give up. However unfortunate it may be for the Iron man, Tom Holland continues to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MCU spider-man predictions state the future of this superhero in the Spiderverse. The question is, when will the clock run-out on Spider-man’s time in MCU? ... read more

The odds are 11/5 on PlayStation 5 to arrive in 2019. The developers of Sony have confirmed that they’re working on the new console. However, there’s no information about when we can play on the new PS. Meanwhile, experts believe it’s time to bet on PlayStation 5 to be released in 2019 – and here’s why. ... read more