The 2020-21 FA Cup will reach the quarter-finals stage this weekend with only one non-Premier League team left in the competition. The Leicester vs Manchester United game promised to be the biggest derby but the other three games should bring some excitement too. In the FA Cup quarter-finals betting predictions Chelsea and Manchester City are favored to win their ties, while a more tight result is expected at the other two games. ... read more

The FA Cup last eight teams are heading to the quarter-finals on 20 and 21 March. They are all Premier League teams except one. We look at the 2021 FA Cup quarter-finals odds of each match and the favorites to win. If you are interested in placing a safe bet you may choose Man City and Chelsea as the likely winners. Whereas, the most thrilling game will be between Leicester and Man Utd, with no clear favorite. ... read more

Only 16 teams have remained in the 2020-21 FA Cup who will play their following games next week, between the 9th and 11th of February. The Manchester United vs West Ham United match is promised to be a great game, but the Everton vs Spurs derby can also bring some excitement. Let’s see the predictions for them according to the FA Cup fifth round odds.  ... read more

Fans of Premier League side Southampton had a tough game last night when their team suffered their second humiliating defeat in two year’s time. As Manchester United knocked them out with a 9-0 score just like Leicester City did in 2019. These two heavy defeats definitely belong to the worst Premier League defeats in history. Let’s see now other memorable games with big losses.  ... read more

Despite a tenacious rear-guard action by Pakistan, England could have wrapped up the Test series. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas. A traditional British summer saw the second of three matches a draw. This leaves England one up and ahead in the odds on the 3rd Test at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. That doesn’t mean, however you should dismiss a bet on Pakistan to win the 3rd Test and square the series. Nor ignore a wager on a draw either. ... read more

In the aftermath of their defeat in Southampton England face an uphill struggle to save the series. The West Indies are a far better side than Ben Stokes seemed to believe. Likewise, the bookies odds on the West Indies last time round were a bit parsimonious. This time the 2nd Test odds on England are more realistic. Even if their chances aren’t. Online sportsbook sites in the UK give the hosts 2/5 and the tourists 7/2 right now. Question is; Has this series already slipped out of grasp? ... read more

They may be doing everything by the book in light of current circumstances but this might not stop the Windies. They won quite convincingly the last time these two sides met in a three Test series. So why is it online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 have them so far adrift? Could it be they’re really so much worse off due to their three major absentees? Are England going to be that much better? In 2020 the West Indies 1st Test betting odds seem now to beg for a speculative punt. ... read more

Every tour has it’s own atmosphere. The dynamic of the team, the mood of the hosts, and even the weather, create a different vibe each time. This year, however, is probably going to be unique. Empty stadiums, bio security and the overshadowing situation in America will all combine to make for a wholly unique 3 match series. And unique always means less than predictable. So, does that mean those who like to bet on sports in the UK should hit up Bet365 to bet on the Windies to win the first test? We take a look. ... read more

The 5 Best EPL Goals Ever

The 2019/20 season of the English Premier League is in full flow. Though this year’s championship keeps on amazing us with dramatic goals, let’s refresh in mind the ones that remained in history. Here is our top of the best EPL goals ever. ... read more

While there are amazing ways to show your dedication towards your club, we often hear chants that are rather cringy. Some fans like to sing about their players’ genitals or toilet habits. We’ve checked out a lot of these songs, and collected the top 4 weirdest soccer chants for you. ... read more