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Have you ever thought about betting on Bass fishing? Fishing for both food and as a past time is as old as time itself. But sports fishing for Bass is a relatively new player having begun in with the Bass Master Classic in 1967. Today around 40 million people take part in sports fishing throughout the US and Canada. Angling is the forth most popular sport. And the most popular fish in competition is the Wide-Mouthed Bass. So it’s not surprising that betting on Bass is now a huge part of the gambling industry. ... read more

Bet on Jello Wrestling

Why not bet on Jello wrestling? Since the Todd Philips movie called “Old School”, it has certainly become a thing. In the movie there was the very first jello wrestling match committed to celluloid. Try and look upon it as the sweeter sister of dirty mud wrestling. ... read more

Korean bullfights prove that not all bullfights end with the bull’s timely death. In Korea, bullfighting is an arena sport but without the involvement of humans. Two bulls are released into the ring and they push against each other until one turns away. Unlike other animal contest, there is no gore or suffering. Just like Pokemon! ... read more