Strictly Come Dancing

The British television dance contest is one of the most popular shows – that is beyond questioning. As such, it is not too surprising, that there are several odds: even on Strictly Come Dancing 2022! If you could not get enough of the 2021 show, or you are just up to some great bets, keep on reading to find out more about your options! ... read more

The UK Christmas TV program betting odds on the potential favorite for the British households are currently available. Thus, we picked the top five programs which will likely achieve millions of views. On top is the animation of the children’s book Zog and the Flying Doctors, and the Queen’s speech.  ... read more

The 17th season of the popular talent show Vild med dans is coming soon. If you have missed TV shows and can’t wait to watch them, you can also bet on Strictly Come Dancing in Denmark. Who is predicted to win at the very first stages? ... read more

At the beginning of next month, the final of “Strictly Come Dancing 2020” will be held on BBC One. All fans were waiting for it, as Strictly come dancing winner odds on the TV Show winner are ready. Angie Kent, Christian Wilkins, Ed Kavalee and many others are already attending rehearsal studios to perfect their dancing skills for the brand of the new, brilliant star dancing season. ... read more

She is without doubt one of the finest actors of her generation and has brought pleasure to millions with her roles in The Night Manager, Broadchurch, and The Favourite. Now her future is laid out for you to wager on at sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days. Thus proving that celebrity is as much of a game,per se, as the Tennis at Wimbledon, the football at the Stade du Lyon, or what the Lycra-clad lunatics get up to on the Tour de France. ... read more