Super Bowl

One of the most famous golf players is Phil Mickelson whose life hasn’t been without scandals and controversies. According to a golf writer, the American star is also a big gambler who lost $40 million in just four years’ time. How did he do it? And what did he bet on? Find all the details in our summary of the best Phil Mickelson gambling stories below.  ... read more

The halftime show at the Super Bowl is almost as anticipated as the game itself: and it will be no different in 2022, so the predictions are already here! They already announced who the start of the show will be. But there are many other aspects to bet on! In case you would like to dig into that, stay with us, and find out everything about the show, the possible betting options, and the odds! ... read more

In no time New Yorkers will have the chance to legally bet on all kinds of sports via their mobile devices. As a New York sports enthusiast here you are the ultimate guide on the legal aspect of NYS mobile sports betting. Also the top platforms and how to bet on your mobile. ... read more

Sport, passion, music and entertainment…All together in the professional American Football League, the National Football League. All American Football fans eagerly wait for the Super Bowl which each time invites famous stars. Who will be the 2022 Super Bowl star? Why not take the opportunity and get benefit while having a good time by betting on Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 betting odds? It’s maybe too early to know, but it’s not too early to guess. ... read more

Pictures about a goal celebration or the disappointment of the losers are general topics of sports photographers. But it takes experience, practice and unique talent to capture the most memorable moments in sport. Like Michael Jordan’s superb shot or Muhammad Ali’s fatal punch which everyone can still remember. Thanks to the best sports photographers of all time who took photos about these magical events. ... read more

It’s an honor to win the organization of a major sporting event from the Olympic Games to a world championship. But in the history of sport there have been some countries which couldn’t  grow up to the task and failed to deliver on the required level. From chaotic organization to last minute projects, several issues could be seen in the case of the worst hosts of a major sporting event.  ... read more

The 2020-21 NFL playoff will start this weekend, on the 9th of January and end with the LV Super Bowl on the 7th of February. 14 teams take part in the tournament and fight for the Championships titles. Which also means a place in the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers are the favorites to win their conferences in the 2021 NFL playoff predictions. ... read more

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This weekend welcome the return of the American Football League, the NFL. The new season will start with the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs hosting Houston Texans tonight. In the NFL 2020/21 winner odds, the Chiefs are in the favorites again, but surely several other teams will try to win the next Super Bowl as well.  ... read more