Let me guess: you expected them to win, but they finished second. Unfortunately, the ESC history remembers many cases when the owner of the Glass Microphone was less wanted than the second chop. So, here is our list of best Eurovision runners-up who were robbed of victory in the 21st century. ... read more

The 60th edition of the biggest music competition in Sweden will traditionally take place this year. From February to March, people will choose the one to go to Eurovision in May 2020. You can also bet on Melodifestivalen to reveal the further contestant, who is likely to be Felix Sandman. ... read more

Sweden has a long history of gambling. The new Swedish gambling law accepted in 2019 comes to truly change the history of gambling in Sweden. Since the year of 2002 gambling online became legal in the country. Until 2019 the only legal place for the Swedish were two state-run organizations. On the contrary of this situation, the new law gives legal space for hundreds of online non-government gambling services. ... read more

Trotting is a very popular sport in Sweden. Take a glimpse at our 2020 Elitloppet predictions which will introduce to you the absolute shoo-in, Face Time Bourbon. The event will start in late May. Even so, you can do Ante-post wagering. In this early period, you can count on significant multipliers. ... read more

Climate change and Greta Thunberg go hand in hand in every conversation which revolves around global warming. The revolutionary act of a 16-year-old girl regarding climate change certainly has encouraged people to have a dialogue on one of the inevitable perils the earth will face. Time magazine names person of the year as someone who has been able to create a remarkable impact globally. 2019 Greta Thunberg Time POTY betting odds have her at the top of the list as an outright winner. ... read more