The Crown

The 73rd Emmy Awards nominations have been announced. Among all nominees, Netflix’s The Crown and Disney’s The Mandalorian stand out as the series with the most nominations this year. Today, we will explain why you should bet on The Crown to win Emmys 2021 and evaluate its chances to become the main favorite of the night. ... read more

As we approach the heart of the awards season, it is crucial to look at a major pre-Oscars contest, the PGA Awards. The winner of the PGA Best Picture is often the frontrunner for Oscars. But, who are the leaders and the wild cards at the 2021 PGA Awards winner odds for the Best Picture? Who are the favorites in other major categories of the PGA Awards? ... read more

Even though this year’s Golden Globe Awards has been postponed to the end of February, the list of the favorites in the main categories have been already listed by the bookmakers. The Golden Globe 2021 Best TV series odds mention The Crown and Schitt’s Creek in the favorites of their categories. Let’s see their main rivals and their chances to win. ... read more

Shortly before the fourth season of The Crown is out on Netflix, several interesting facts about the following ones appeared. They touch upon casting decisions that may work out, including signing the Sussexes for the project. Check The Crown next season predictions to see what is expected to be shown in three final seasons of the British TV series. ... read more

BAFTA might be more famous for its award for films, but the British Academy of Film and Televison Arts also rewards the best TV productions every year. From comedies to documentaries they distributed 26 awards last year. In the BAFTA Best Series betting tips we check the favorites for the Best Drama and Best Mini-Series categories.  ... read more

The movie theaters have been dominating over television for more than a century. However, the last decade brought viewers back to small screens. This tendency seems to keep on developing in the 2020s, so let’s discover why the TV series vs films competition is on again and how television manages to trump its “bigger brother”. ... read more

If Netflix had to make a list of tv shows it is most proud of, The Crown would definitely make the cut. Since it’s debut in 2016, the series about the Royals have gripped the world with excitement. Surprisingly the fan base is also present in the Buckingham Palace itself. Reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth II herself enjoys the show and speaks fondly of it. With such fame, The Crown takes the lead in any and all shows or documentaries regarding the Royal family. Furthermore, The Crown special bets certainly suggest the spotlight the show owns. ... read more