The Rock

The WWE is one of the largest professional wrestling promotion and entertainment business in the world. The organization holds four big events annually including Wrestle Mania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble. Royal Rumble is the most anticipated event of them all as it consists of Royal Rumble matches in addition to title matches. Therefore, the 2021 Royal Rumble betting predictions are appearing as early as April of 2020. ... read more

Royal Rumble is not a usual wrestling match, it’s much more. Thirty wrestlers are going into the ring and only one comes out as a champion. We will share our 2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions, who is most likely to win the match. Even more, we will take a glimpse at how the whole WWE system works. The odds are high, so whoever got any clue about the outgoing of this event can count on serious earnings. ... read more

Once upon a time you’d need not have been concerned with the Kanye West 2020 election odds that the bookmakers like Bovada (one of the best online betting sites in the United States today) offer, the very idea of him being president would have been a laughable joke. However now Donald Trump has proven conclusively that sometimes the joke candidates win US elections you shouldn’t so readily eschew betting on Kanye at 150/1, or, indeed, any of the other longshots. ... read more