The UK

Now as the inauguration ceremony is over and Joe Biden is officially the US President, many world leaders are eager to meet him. Thus, the bookies have made an interesting list of Biden’s first state visit odds. On top of the list comes the UK, Ireland, and Canada. ... read more

Cricket World Cup is going to India for 2023 and this will be the first time India will be hosting independently. For all the cricket fans, the World Cup is as exciting as the game can get. Similar to other sports, the 4-year time gap between each World Cup builds up enough excitement which shows during the matches. Having the game come home is a big deal for India fans and the team. Consequently, India is favourite to win as an outright winner. Check out the cricket World Cup 2023 odds for other teams. ... read more

The UK is facing an alarming increase in gambling money which is substantial enough for a King’s ransom. The upward growth on the graph has a direct connection with the availability of various gambling mediums. So it begs the question: How much do British citizens spend on gambling? ... read more

EU leaders and the UK Cabinet have endorsed the 585-page draft Brexit deal. PM Theresa May will now try to win support from a simple majority in the House of Commons. She will have to collect more than 320 votes. Bookmakers offer draft Brexit agreement betting odds on May’s ability to persuade the MPs that her deal is better than no deal. ... read more