The Voice

The 10th season of Australian The Voice has been officially scheduled for 2021. Although we are still waiting for the list of participants and premiere date, there is a possibility to bet on The Voice Australia. Try to guess the winner’s mentor!  ... read more

TV show betting forms a significant part of entertainment betting nowadays with Australia’s massive contribution to it. Apart from the US and Britain, this country produces the most entertaining programs for television. Check the best Australian TV shows to bet on this year and watch the one you like! ... read more

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Nothing beats a good old reality competition whether it’s racing around the world for $1 million or singing your heart out. According to our 2019 Emmy Competition Program predictions, RuPaul’s Drag Race leads the race to be America’s top reality competition. This would make it 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Competition Program for the show hosted by RuPaul. ... read more