Like a scene in a teenage comedy movie, a girl believes she’s won the lottery, tells everyone, and then excitedly calls up the lottery company. Yes, they say you’re a winner. Celebrations all around! They even sent her a congratulatory email. But the world is a cruel and heartless place. In truth, her lottery winning numbers were correct. But when she bought it, she didn’t have enough funds in her bank account for the ticket sale to go through. So, after all those high hopes, everything came down to earth with a crash. ... read more

Even if you are a regular lotto player or not, don’t miss the upcoming US Mega Millions Jackpot this week. The draw will take place on the 31st of May, so tomorrow. The main prize reached a whopping $170 Million as there was no winning ticket last week. ... read more

Christmas is celebrated all around the world. In some countries, the holidays also offer a special opportunity to win some money thanks to the special Christmas lottery draws. One of the most famous ones is the Spanish Christmas Lottery, but we can find a special version in the Channel Islands too.  ... read more

Lotteries are another ancient form of gambling that enjoys great popularity in the world. This is no different when it comes to the best lotteries in Hungary today. We can trace back the origins of lotteries in Hungary to the 18th century. Since it first appeared it had some changes in regulations. Today, we have a wider selection to choose from when deciding to try our luck. ... read more

It’s no secret that the US Powerball never disappoints when it comes to delivering life-changing jackpot prizes. What’s more, this week is by far no exception, and millions of players will once again purchase tickets to play Powerball. At this time, players can win hundreds of millions on Powerball.  So, if you play the Powerball lottery jackpot today and play your cards right, you can win a $620 million grand prize.  ... read more

The very first National Lottery Open Week in the United Kingdom was in 2017. Ever since then, the initiative grew a lot, but its main goal did not change. The people behind the event wish to thank lottery players all over the country, because it is them, who makes supporting good causes possible – by buying tickets. ... read more

Playing the lottery requires lots of studies, attention, and luck… in most cases. However, players can always choose a randomizer and free themselves from picking numbers without reducing the winning chances. Let’s see all the benefits of Quick-Pick lottery that it can bring along. ... read more

Playing scratch cards is a fun and quick way to win money. In the world where the lottery is the most popular game of chance, best scratch-off games stand out. Let’s see what scratch cards are the most beneficial in terms of winning and where to buy them. ... read more

If you are offered to play the lottery, will the choice of the game be obvious for you? To make it easier, read about the benefits of daily lotteries to see why they are worth trying. In addition, learn where you can follow the best daily draws from home and participate in them on beneficial terms. ... read more