They are deciding the faith of top athletes and earning millions during their work, arranging contracts and transfers between the clubs. Probably you have only heard of some of them yet, but believe us, these top 5 sports agents are some of the most powerful men in the world of sport.  ... read more

Recently it happens more and more often, that different teams are punished with transfer bans in football. It can be a result of a breach of a contract or some rules, like signing an underage player, and can have lasting effects on a club. Like in the case of Chelsea which received a ban last season for the next two transfer windows, but seems to be reborn in spite of that.  ... read more

Bookies argue that Eden Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid is almost certain. Meanwhile, Manchester United are expected to make a move for Jadon Sancho. It’s getting harder to see through all the transfer rumours around, let alone to make the best bets possible. We’ve got you covered: here are the best summer transfer betting specials. ... read more

The odds are 4/5 on Ramsey to sign for any club in Italy. His transfer is one of the most anticipated ones in January, but a bunch other star players are expected to move this month. There’s going to be some serious money involved, and you can also see some cash once these deals are done. Gamble wisely and check out the top January transfer specials at BetVictor Sportsbook. ... read more