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Europe’s favorite singing contest resumes, and now is your best chance to bet on the tiny but talented island, Malta. The Maltese have serious odds for winning this year, and the first semi-finals are fast approaching. See our top suggestions from the contestants and the chances of your favorite country! Odds on the semi-finals 1 at the Eurovision song contest highlight Malta way above anyone else.  ... read more

Dance competitions became super popular across the UK. Looking at our favourite celebrities and professional dancers forming an awesome duo is very entertaining. Of course, there are many dance shows we can bet on these days.  But can you still do it if you are not exactly a dance expert? Yes! In this guide, we collect the best dance competitions to bet on, the process of betting and some suggestions of how to figure out the favourite!  ... read more

The 10th season of Australian The Voice has been officially scheduled for 2021. Although we are still waiting for the list of participants and premiere date, there is a possibility to bet on The Voice Australia. Try to guess the winner’s mentor!  ... read more

Nowadays, Netflix rules the movie industry. Most of the block-busting productions are coming from one of their studios. So, it’s not a surprise that bookies also pay a lot of attention to the most popular form of online entertainment. Are you a real fan? Then, bet on Netflix series like you bet on your favorite sports teams. It’s won’t simply add some extra juice to the anticipated next seasons but also gives you a chance to earn money on your favorite mysteries. ... read more