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Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, with a huge fan base and a real cult status. After the dramatic end of Season 3, most of us can’t wait to see the new season. Which will only debut in 2022 but you can already make some guesses in the Stranger Things Season 4 special bets on different bookmaker sites.  ... read more

Hard Knocks is back this August with new stories about the life of NFL players and coaches. The NFL Hard Knocks predictions are trying to open the veil of mystery of season 16. What can happen in this year’s series? ... read more

The 73rd Emmy Awards nominations have been announced. Among all nominees, Netflix’s The Crown and Disney’s The Mandalorian stand out as the series with the most nominations this year. Today, we will explain why you should bet on The Crown to win Emmys 2021 and evaluate its chances to become the main favorite of the night. ... read more

If you have watched TV back in the 1990s, you should have heard about The X-Files – one of the most iconic series of that time. This year, you can bet on The X-Files reboot to take place. Why is there a possibility of a new version of the legendary television series to hit small screens? ... read more

USC Scripter Awards 2021 has just announced its nominees. The best screenwriters of the year will compete for the prize at the 33rd award edition. The ceremony itself is scheduled for March, so don’t waste time and take a look at the most possible winners.   ... read more

Countless TV shows and entertaining programmes are on-air during the winter holidays. Christmas Day is obviously the main prime time in December as well as New Year’s Day. What will be the most popular Christmas show 2020 – the Queen’s Speech or BBC series? ... read more