Donald Trump left the White House, got on board Air Force One for the final time, and few away to Florida. Regardless of your political leanings, it was a finale. Or was it? Some of the online sportsbook sites in the US aren’t so sure. They think Trump might yet return after four years in the political wilderness to run again. Hence sites like Bovada will still give you 6/1 odds on Donald Trump winning in 2024. So, is this really the end of an era? Or just an intermission? ... read more

Getting the biggest Twitter fan base isn’t an easy task however it seems like a walk in the park for Katy Perry. She rightfully has the best 2019 Most Followed Twitter Account betting odds to win. Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake are also competing to have the most Twitter followers this year. You can now bet on these celebrities and more on 22BET Sportsbook. ... read more