UAE gambling laws

After the chaos and drama of Saudi Arabia, the F1 circus moves on to the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi hosts the final round of the season and is likely to see a thrilling climax to a very close championship race. Both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen sit on equal points so it’s winner takes all in the UAE. Currently the F1 odds lean towards Hamilton, but as online betting sites in the UAE like Bet365 know only too well, no bet on Formula One is a dead cert, ever. ... read more

Perfectly timed to lift spirits, a bet on the 2021 Dubai World Cup is the perfect remedy for the blues. This year sees the richest event in horse racing host a superb field and there’s plenty of excellent wagers available. Right now online sportsbook sites in the UAE like Bet365 give Mystic Guide the nod. Not that it has it in the bag. The bookies also give Jesus Team, Military Law and Salute The Soldier short odds too. So, let’s see who has the best chance at that big prize. ... read more

You can bet on George Russell still feeling sick. He got his big chance only to have his own team scythe it away before his eyes. As you might imagine conspiracy theories are already running wild. It’s so uncharacteristic. Just ask anyone who regularly puts a bet on sports in the UAE and most particularly on F1. Mercedes don’t make mistakes like that. Not unless they want to. So was Russell robbed to save the blushes of Lewis Hamilton and the silver arrows? Let’s take a look. ... read more

If you like a little bet on cricket, especially a bet on T20 cricket, there’s nothing like the Indian Premier League. It brings together the very best in domestic Indian talent with a whole host of international stars. This year, what with one thing and another, it’s being held in the UAE. That means there’s a lack of fans but this hasn’t diminished the cricket talents on display. So let’s take a look at the odds on the 2020 IPL and who you should back at online betting sites in the UAE. ... read more

It’s the fastest form of the game and the Indian Premier League is possibly its most exciting incarnation. Despite all that’s going on this year’s IPL is going ahead, although not in India. The teams are all heading out and letting us bet on sports in the UAE at Bet365. Now, obviously, for those that want to know how to bet on the IPL we could give you a primer in cricket. We could explain the rules, the strategy the tactics, the players…..but frankly we just don’t have that kind of time. So here’s seven quick ways to pick a team to back in the IPL without knowing a thing. ... read more

For a while, it appeared there would be no tournament. That your bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League would be rendered null and void by circumstance. The exigencies of the situation making it impossible to stage such an international event safely in India. However, the BCCI have now entered into a partnership with the UAE to host this prestigious event in September. This means we all have a rare opportunity to bet on sports in the UAE at Bet365, albeit at some small cost. ... read more