UK gambling laws

No one likes watching someone go mad. Mental illness still carries a considerable stigma in our society. So seeing the Prime Minister go off his rocker is awfully embarrassing, especially for the Conservative Party. They, alas, will have no one but themselves to blame. We all saw this coming. They knew what they were getting into. Now they want out. That’s why a bet on Boris Johnson leaving in 2022 gets such short prices at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more

Many of those who like to bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 will consider this a form of horrid sacrilege. They pour over the form and the stats, make sensible choices based on serious criteria. So they tend to feel people putting a bet on reality television are somehow making fun of them. Sure everyone enjoys a flutter, but whilst inconsequential, sports still have some rules, some tangible basis. Unlike when you bet on I’m A Celebrity or any other reality television show. ... read more

If you look, they’ve replaced the text definition of “inevitable” with an image of Man Utd sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Yes, the Red Devils have finally ditched their grey-haired touchline teenager. With a string of poor results despite all the talent one could wish for, they had no choice. So who’s next on the chopping block? We look at the odds available for a bet on the next Manchester United manager at Bet365 and other online sportsbooks sites in the UK. ... read more

They started out just trying to defend a single sleazy colleague from due punishment. That effort has now backfired so badly the odds on Boris Johnson remaining leader long on Bet365 etc. are slipping. As the press continue to focus on the party and its money matters some Conservatives are questioning his long term value. After all you can always bet on politics in the UK to forgive failure. It does that quite often. But feathering your own nest? No, people tend to frown on that. ... read more

With the election fresh in their minds, and even still contested in some states, Democrats are running out of time. They have little time left before the 2022 campaign starts to dominate the political landscape. Unfortunately Joe Biden and Co haven’t really made the progress they touted. That’s why those who regularly bet on politics in the US already see a democrat collapse at the polls. So are the Republicans right to bet on the US Midterm Elections returning them the reins? ... read more

Watching England win ten-nil it was hard not to think they might go all the way. That this time England could once again lift the world cup. Of course, after you remembered they were playing San Marino perspective began to ebb back a bit. Still, with online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 giving them just 7/1 they’re a pretty good bet on the 2022 World Cup. Naturally, some of the more cynical of you will view that as a tad generous, and you might well be right. ... read more

Apart from a slight hiccup against South Africa, England have played superbly throughout the tournament. They now head into the knockout stages alongside Pakistan, New Zealand and Australia. They may be down a man but online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 still think England can win. So will the loss of Jason Roy scupper England’s chances? Or should you pick up those attractive T20 World Cup odds on Eoin Morgan and the lads? We take a look. ... read more

The British have some very strange habits, especially when it comes to gambling. They make a whole range of bizarrely traditional wagers on an annual basis. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 have to offer prices on a White Christmas, Strictly Come Dancing and Snooker. Thus whilst you might find the idea of a bet on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year a little odd, in the UK it’s almost mandatory. The perfect novelty wager to end the year on. ... read more