The gambling industry is constantly changing in regards to the experience it provides to its customers. We live in a world where a major chunk of our lives revolves around the use of technology. Be it logging into your banking app or just ordering an artificial plant for your living room, everything is available at the touch of your thumb. Hence, it may be completely rational to suggest that technology will revolutionize the future of the gambling industry. ... read more

Loot boxes have become an extremely popular feature in modern video games. Revenue from the loot box gambling in the UK is expected to hit a £35 billion benchmark by 2022. While some countries have already categorized loot-box-systems as a form of gambling, there is still an ongoing debate about loot boxes in the UK.  ... read more

Eurovision has been in session since 1956 which has grown at a steep pace and continues to be among the grand music competitions around the globe. The contest begets the rise of a new generation of musicians who can influence the entire world with their charismatic songs. To no one’s surprise, the competition requires unparallel talent; which makes the nature of the challenge highly competitive. Teams from all around Europe participate with the exception of Australia. Like most popular events, Eurovision has a high betting rate which is why it is essential to include Eurovision 2020 best special bets in the mix. ... read more

Wembley’s Stadium in London prepares for hosting another Euro 2020 qualifying match. On November 14, the home team will meet another competitor from Group A. So, learn England vs Montenegro betting preview to find the best odds on the favorites and outsiders of the match. ... read more