There are many useful skills to improve at poker. Therefore, if you learn at least one of these seven skills, then you will become more successful. Furthermore, these skills will help you eat more than one territory of life. This is why you should take this opportunity and develop at least one of these skills. And even if you can not understand how to use it in poker. You will still live the rest of your life with an extremely valuable skill. ... read more

Since almost every country in the world has big enough lakes or even seas where people can practice water sports, sailing is a popular sport among athletes and bettors too. Since bookmakers focus on mainstream sports and thus pay less attention to sailing betting, you have a high chance to win. In this sailing betting guide, we will go over the best strategies and learn about winning betting tips! ... read more

Many people agree on the fact that nothing beats the classic land-based casino experience. And there is truth to that statement. Who wouldn’t want to visit some of the best land-based casinos in London or Monaco, instead of the shady slot machines at the local corner shop? When it comes to European gambling, the UK stands high on the list. It might be the best place for gaming enthusiasts, and if you’re eyeing the UK, you shouldn’t aim lower than London itself. These top casinos are located near some of the most popular tourist attractions and all of them are easily accessible. In this article, we’ll list what we think the five of the best casinos in London are, in no particular order. ... read more

Sports wagering has been legal since 2019 in the state of Iowa. Ever since then, there have been ups and downs in the business. The magic of the newest craze brought amazing revenues, but on the other hand, the difficult times of 2020 did not spare this industry either. And now, it looks like the business still has some things to figure out, as sports betting in the Hawkeye State dropped again. ... read more

Europe’s favorite singing contest resumes, and now is your best chance to bet on the tiny but talented island, Malta. The Maltese have serious odds for winning this year, and the first semi-finals are fast approaching. See our top suggestions from the contestants and the chances of your favorite country! Odds on the semi-finals 1 at the Eurovision song contest highlight Malta way above anyone else.  ... read more

The new partnership between Unibet and Gamban is set to provide a unique software in US player’s favor. Their goal is to make gambling safer for users in the United States. They even wish to move forward to zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. The gambling blocking software in the US is unquestionably a big step forward for the whole business. ... read more

In the history of the Olympic Games and in all competitive sporting events, scandals related to doping, cheating and discrimination pop up every year. Both the summer and winter games have experienced many controversial cases, leaving both the contestants and committee in an awkward situation. See some of the biggest Olympic scandals!  ... read more

The Swedish Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league. It is the highest division in the Swedish ice hockey system. The league currently consists of 14 teams. The league was founded in 1975. And while Swedish ice hockey champions have been crowned through various formats since 1922, the title, as well as the Le Mat Trophy have been awarded to the winner of the SHL playoffs since the league’s inaugural 1975–76 season. The 2020–21 SHL season is the 46th season of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). There is a bet on ice hockey in Sweden on online sportsbook sites, predicting the outright winner.  ... read more

Gambling during the wars was commonplace despite the military authorities frowning upon it. Those caught faced punishment and yet most did so regardless. From the dice games of the British army to the German front line card games gambling during the wars was endemic. An influx of troops saw foreign armies bring their games with them introduce new ways to win and lose. Even the military itself was responsible for allowing privates to bet on sports in Belgium during the war.  ... read more